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Merdeka Generation


CHAS Criteria

Annual Value of home (for households with no income)

All Merdeka Generation seniors receive CHAS benefits, regardless of income or AV of home

CHAS Subsidies

Selected Dental Services

Up to $16 to $261.50 subsidy per procedure (dependent on procedure)

Click here to view the full Dental Subsidy Table.

Click here to view the full Dental Subsidy Table.

1 Capped at 24 visits for common illnesses per patient per calendar year, across all CHAS clinics.

2 “Simple” refers to visits for a single chronic condition. “Complex” refers to visits for multiple chronic conditions, or a single chronic condition with complication(s).

3 This refers to the cost of screening test(s) and first post-screening consultation. Screening tests under the programme include cardiovascular disease, cervical cancer and colorectal cancer screening. You may check your eligibility status here.

4 For more information on vaccinations, please visit Subsidies are applicable to certain vaccine brands.


Merdeka Generation
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