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Dental Insurance

We accept Dental Insurance for Individual, Family or Corporate.

Working With the Best

There are a few things you need to know before you make your appointment.

Please check with your insurance provider to confirm your dental entitlement and benefits. While you are making your appointment, do verify with us if you are eligible for Direct Billing which we will bill your treatments directly to your dental insurance provider.


If you need to do your own reimbursement, do let us know when you are registering for your visit. We can help you on the supporting documents you need while you are doing your treatment.

Dental Insurance

  • Advantage Health Benefits

  • Alliance

  • Adept Health

  • IHP Healthcare

  • Inova Care Asian

  • Ixchange Health Group

  • Mednefits

  • MHC

  • 1Doc

if your insurer is not listed, feel free to contact us for further information

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Corporate Partners

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Corporate Partners

  • Explore Junior Pte Ltd staff members

  • Hei Web Creations Pte Ltd staff members

  • Property Web Pte Ltd staff members and all property salespersons showing

  • PropertyWeb's Agent E-Rewards Card

  • National University of Singapore students & stuff

  • Nanyang Technological University students

  • Trehaus Cowork Members

  • JustCo member

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