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Wisdom Tooth Removal


A wisdom tooth is the third molar that grows at the back of the jaw. Impacted wisdom teeth arises when a small jaw cannot accommodate the full set of teeth or when the tooth erupts into the wrong position, causing pain due to decay or gum inflammation. Wisdom tooth usually traps food and allows bacteria to accumulate as it is difficult to brush and floss, thus wisdom tooth extraction or surgery will be indicated.

X-rays will usually be taken to locate the position of your wisdom tooth inside the jaw, check for diseases (I.e Dental Decay, Formation of Dental Cyst), and identify potential risks (I.e Maxillary Sinus Perforation, Inferior Dental Nerve Damage). By removing the impacted or buried wisdom tooth, we can prevent and treat the followings — Tooth Decay on Wisdom Tooth or Adjacent Tooth, Crowding and Unwanted Teeth Movement, Gum Pain & Swelling. Inferior Dental Nerve (IDN) Damage and Formation of Dental Cysts.

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