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Scaling & Polishing


A common dental treatment which should be done at least twice a year, along with a dental examination in order to prevent dental disease. Scaling is a process that removes deposits of plaque, calculus and stains on the teeth by using an ultrasonic or manual scaler. The removal of plaque and calculus allows your dentist to check through your teeth thoroughly for any signs of dental disease.

Polishing is a process that removes stains and smooth down rough patches on the teeth to protect against further build-up of plaque. Everyone is advised to brush their teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to prevent decay and gum disease. However, there will always be some areas that are difficult to clean. Plaque will build up and eventually calcify to form calculus around these areas, and this can only be removed by scaling.

If dental calculus is allowed to build up over a period of time, gingivitis and more severe forms of gum disease develops. Therefore, it is important that regular twice daily brushing should be complemented by professional dental cleaning. Dentist will usually advise patients on how often they should scale and polish. This varies according to the patient’s oral health.

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